This was a project for the GBJAM 6.
Cardessence is a RPG inspired by many JRPG classics with modern theme, where you control a girl that collects cards - that actually are alive!
Fight enemies, turn them into card and get these cards for fight more enemies and get more cards!
Can you be a Cardessence master?

Use the arrows to select the card you want, then press X to confirm. When the screen says, press the press the requested key to increase your attack and have some chance against the strong cards.

Rules: Cyclops Girl wins Helmet Boy, Helmet Boy wins Blade Boy and Blade Boy wins Cyclops Girl.

Made by:
Gabriel de Souza (Website, Portfólio)
Juliana Almeida (, Portfólio)
Zita Zsótér (SoundCloud)

Special thanks to:
Henry Filho

Install instructions

We're going to upload more versions for other platforms (I guess).


Cardessence Windows 64bits 12 MB
Cardessence Windows 32bits 10 MB
Cardessence Linux 32bits/64bits 22 MB

Development log

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